We won the title of Norges grillmester 2015 <3

s_vavik Norges Grillmester

Now that the dust has settled og grillene har blitt slukket, kan jeg endelig ta en pust i bakken.  For en crazy ride! Det har vært en herlig opplevelse. <3

Jeg vil begynne med å takke mitt arbeidssted Katarina Hjemmet og alle søstrene som ga meg permisjon fra jobb for a dra på dette vidunderlig reise. De har gitt meg sin velsignelse og støtte. I am so grateful to all my close friends and FAMILIA ( Vavik clan and Flåten clan) that have always believed in me and loved my food. Deres kjærlighet har gitt meg stykren til å kunne være meg selv and the confidence to excel in this cooking show. Takk til Rakett, Weber Norge, Meny og TV2 for den sjansen til å kunne delta i denne konkuransen. Takk til min bror som ville være med på dette programmet og lage mat med meg. A special thanks to my brother who joined me in the competition and gave it his all! This experience has brought us closer and I am humbled. Thank you ( friends, fans, and strangers 😉 ) for all the kind words and positive vibes we have received after winning the competition. I am overwhelmed with happiness and relief.

( a little behind the scenes……before every challenge I would stand next to the waterfront and reach for the skies and pray to god and thank the universe) My brother joined me on the ritual and soon after a few of the other contestants joined in too. <3 Prayer is COOL <3

Here are a few pics from the night the final was shown on tv. A bunch of our friends came to show their support. You can clearly see how happy we are!

Fotos: Pedro Vavik



Vi er ekstase!!!! Super duper happy!!! Jumping with joy and clowning around 🙂 !!!

Fotos: Pedro Vavik


The Vavik brothers and sister <3

The final was the cherry on the cake for me. I felt so at ease. I felt confident and I just wanted to have fun. It was no longer a competition on who made the best food for me. For me : I envisioned a party where I was the hostess and I wanted to give my guests a meal of a life time. My brother really wanted to make his favorite dish enchiladas. I wanted to make my special seafood soup. The dessert was ours. A little twist of me and a little twist of him. This last supper really reflected who we are. The dishes show cased our flavours and mirrored our personalities. These dishes were a fusion of our mexican heritage mixed with our norwegian pride <3

Rustikk Skalldyrsuppe / Rustique seafood chowder

( Inspiration: Aztecs meet the Vikings)


foto: Espen Solli/TV2


( Inspiration: Mamas Mexican dish with norwegian ingredients)



Foto: Espen Solli/TV2

Bunuelos and chocolate cinnamon mousse

( Inspiration: Childhood home dessert meets grown up gourmet dessert)


Foto: Espen Solli/TV2

I really just can’t believe that we won the whole tamale!!!! For en ære å kunne ta hjem gullet! Å kunne kalle oss Norges Grillmester 2015! Som dere så i klippet så ble jeg bare så happy! I couldn’t stop jumping up and down. I smiled so much that I had pain in my cheeks that night. The journey is over and I have no regrets! I thank God for being there for me and giving me the strength to survive and reach my goals. I am still on cloud nine <3

Here are a few links to watch clips, get recipes and read about us!


vinderpar efter finale.mp4

Gratulerer til kveldens vinnere: Luis og Sylvia. Se intervjuet med de glade vinnerne av Norges Grillmester 2015

Opslået af Weber Norge på 10. juni 2015



3 finale par om grillning.mp4

Gratulerer til Anders og Erlend, Benedicte og Ken Harald og Sylvia og Luis, som gikk videre til finalen i Norges Grillmester. Se intervjuet med finaledeltakerne

Opslået af Weber Norge på 8. juni 2015

Now back to reality and time for my kids <3

I will soon be back with more cooking tutorials on youtube. Remember to check me out on youtube : sylvia aquicomi <3


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