We made it to the finals of Norges Grillmester!!!!

s_vavik Norges Grillmester

Tenk å komme så langt! Jeg er så stolt av å kunne stå i finalen! I am so happy that we made it and are one of the top three teams.


Foto: Espen Solli / TV2

What a crazy and stressful day! Vi hadde rett og slett en dårlig dag. Pølser er egentling ikke så vanskelig å lage. Vi bare klarte ikke å lage en skikkelig god en.

I shed a lot of tears. My emotions just got the best of me. It was strange because I was fine the whole day but then when I stood in front of the judges something just happened. This is the moment I realized that this competition meant so much to me. It was so evident that I really wanted to go to the finals. I had something to prove and show. I didn’t even realize that i was going to cry. I was overwhelmed with emotions. I really wanted to win and stay in the competition. I wasn’t happy with our performance and really thought we were going out. But keeping true to our mexican flavors is what saved us in the end!

Here is the infamous Moroccan sausage. What a horrible dry ugly little thing. At least the rest on the plate was delicious!


foto: Espen Solli/TV2

Her er Oktoberfest meksikansk stil!


foto: Espen Solli/ TV2

Just making it to the finals is so awesome! I am so happy and proud to have come so far! All of these years of slaving over a kitchen stove and feeding thousands of people have paid off. I truly feel like a champion chef! I can’t wait for the finals on wednesday! Vi kommer til å legge vårt sjel og kjærligheten i maten vi lager. Ikke gå glipp av denne finale! Don’t miss out! This wednesday on TV2 kl 20!!!! One of these three couples will be named Norges Grillmester 2015!

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