The Premiere of Norges Grillmester is tonight on TV2 kl 20! Boy, am I nervous!

s_vavik Norges Grillmester

TV2 Norges GrillmesterFoto: Espen Solli TV2

Norges Grillmester premiere is here!!! Tonight on TV2 kl 20.

Video: TV2

The judges will be Jonas Lundgren and Espen Lie. Jeg håper å imponere de strenge dommere med maten vår……..

TV2 Norges GrillmesterFoto: Espen Solli TV2

Program lederen er Stig Henrik Hoff ( skuespiller/ actor)

11_Stig HenrikFoto: Espen Solli TV2

So, the day has finally come! I am so nervous right now that I can’t even type! I have been trying not to think about the actual show but now the day is here. So many questions, how do I look on tv, what does my voice sound like, have I made a total fool of myself, will the viewers like me?????

Here is a a picture of all of us chatting with Stig Henrik Hoff.

12_Alle deltakereFoto: Espen Solli TV2

Its definitely going to be entertaining. My brother and I trying to work together is a huge challenge in itself. On top of that, we are suppose to make delicious food on a grill!?!?! We are going to need all the prayers and positive energies in the WORLD to pull that off! Just think about how it is between you and your siblings. The famous sibling competition vs the sibling loyalty. Yep, good tv in the making.

We are in action……….a picture says a thousand words……..Stay tuned…:)

03_Sylvia og LuisFoto: Espen Solli TV2


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