The 4 th episode. Everything is bigger in TEXAS!!!!

s_vavik Norges Grillmester

Episode 4: The Texas challenge/ Texas dag


Yeehaa; ya´ll ready for this?!!!! ( da da da da….theme song at all Houston Rockets games….for those of you who know what I am humming 😉 )

link to the song:

We won this round! What a feeling of accomplishment and honor. To represent Texas and the USA in a cook off and win is just so freaking awesome! Det var bare helt crazy!!!! I was a proud chicana/ tejana ( mexican girl from texas) ! We watched the show at my parents house and it was just so cool to watch my family´s reaction when they saw that we got first place. Det var juble, skrikking, hopping, and tight hugging. Oh what a feeling! Pappa og Mamma var så stolt. Det føltes så godt å se at de gledet seg så mye. <3 . By now I guess you see that our secret super powers are that my  brother makes amazing barbecue sauces and I make hottastic ( hot+fantastic) salsas. We are a dynamite duo <3 !

I know we are ready to get down and dirty! Texas style, dirty south, the southern comfort! Talk about feeling at home on this challenge. Standing at the grill getting all hot and humid really reminded me of being back in Houston. ( Nostalgi alert!) We had so much fun. My brother and I BOTH felt confident and had loads of fun making these dishes. We both really put our hearts and souls into these dishes. We were an awesome TEAM! Texas food is all about heart and comfort. Comfort food. Slow cooking. Lets just imagine us on those cattle runs and lounging around on the ranch. ( Yes, I am a cowgirl at heart!)

Her er den perfekte grill tallerken som viser at du har skills! From the saftig marinerte kylling, texas style chipotle meatballs,  garlic shrimp over a hearty corn pico de gallo and served with an amazing barbecue dip and of course a ranch dressing! This plate will go down in grilling history!

Sylvia&Luis program 4 oppgave 1

foto: Espen Solli/TV2

Then there was the pulled pork. My brother loves my pulled pork so we went for my recipe. He complemented it with a kicker barbecue sauce! We served it two ways, as a burger ( texas) and on a tostada ( had to put a little Mexican twist on it ;p ). There was a creamy jalapeño cheddar sauce, a unique orange jack daniels barbecue sauce, a habanero pineapple salsa and a crunchy fresh coleslaw. A plate fit for any cowboy!

Sylvia&Luis program 4 oppgave 2

foto: Espen Solli/TV2

Go to this link for full recipes:

Be sure to watch Norges grillmester tonight on TV2 kl 20!


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