Mamma mia! It´s the Italian challenge.

s_vavik Norges Grillmester

Accogliensa!!! Beinvenidos, Welcome, Velkommen!!!

Vi måte lage italiensk mat…….We had to make Italian food…..

86_Sylvia og Luis

foto: Espen Solli/TV2


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foto: Espen Solli/ TV2


In the first round we had to make two different types of pizza. The challenge was to make a pizza rosso and a pizza bianca. Vi bestemt at vi skulle lage hver vår even pizza. My brother picked the rosso which is tomato based and I was left to make the bianca which is based on a white sauce. Jeg hadde ikke nok mel under den første pizzaen så vi fikk den ikke på grillen og måte kaste den til slutt. Bummer!!!! 🙁 But we pulled ourselves together and worked super fast og klarte å lever to forskjellig pizzaer. I was so happy that I had made enough pizza dough! Phew! The judges liked both of our pizzas. They were positively surprised when they tasted my pizza bianca which had stjerne anis in it. I had the chance to use some creativity there, Original ;). They liked the sweet barbecue saus my brother made for his pizza which complemented the salty ingredients in his pizza. We felt pretty good about this round.

At little behind the scenes……Guess you are all wondering what happened to my hand. I accidentally cut off half of my nail on my index finger….ouch!!! Yes it hurt and there was blood…… but the show must go on!


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foto: Espen Solli/ TV2


In the second round we had to use tørrfisk ( stockfish) and make risotto. Stockfish is cod (usually) dried in cold air on wooden racks on the shores. This is an old and long tradition in Norway. Apparently stoccafisso is very popular in the italian kitchen…. who knew? 😉

My brother was in unfamiliar waters here so he let me take the reins. Som jeg har sagt tidligere så er ikke lille bro så veldig glad i fisk/sjømat. Han synes ikke det var gøy å måte bruke tørrfisk i en rett and worse use the grill to prepare it! Jeg har laget risotto en del ganger før men jeg blir så satt ut når vi skal bruke grillen. Jeg har jobbet som kokk i over 10 år og kan lage det meste av matrettene. Det blir alltid en stor utfordring å lage mat på kort tid og med begrenset ingredienser. What I find the hardest is the limited time they give us to create a dish. You really dont have time to be creative. You just got to go with the first idea you get and hope its better than the others. Men gøy er det! But fun it is!!!

Hope you all are enjoying watching us on the screen. I must admit I laugh at myself a lot! Jeg gleder meg til neste ukes konkurranse. De sier at vi er på hjemmebanen….Hva kan dette betyr? Kan jeg endelig lage bare min mat? Bare ekte meksikansk??? Well well, guess we just have to wait til next monday!

Ciao (goodbye)

baci (kisses)

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