Here are a few of the fabulous dishes we made on Norges Grillmester! Recap of the first two shows :)

s_vavik Norges Grillmester

Episode 1: Getting to know us through our food/ Bli kjent med deltagere gjennom maten.

On the first show we got to make something familiar. We made our favorite dishes. My brother loves to eat and make spicy wings. So the starter was his style wings. ( chipotle spicy)  He takes a lot of pride in making these babies ;). We served it with a lime and coriander dip and grilled sweet peppers. I would have perfered grilled chipotles/jalapenos but they were not available in the store so these were a great substitute. Tips: Remember to glaze the sweet peppers with the same glaze from the wings. Finger licking good!!!

Sylvia&Luis program 1 oppgave 1

Foto: Espen Solli/ TV2

For the second challenge we had to make our favorite main dish. As you all know me;  it had to be TACOS!!! Jeg spiser tacos nesten hver dag. Jeg kan lage tacos av hva som helst ( Literally!) . I used one of my favorite style tacos which is fajitas. I made a special spice blend and rubbed it on the entrecôte. My brother made some of his distinct flour tortillas and a lovely guacamole. We served lazy salsa ( sterk) which is a recipe I learned from my abuelito and a pico de gallo. ( watch my youtube cooking show for the recipe 😉 )

Sylvia&Luis program 1 oppgave 2

Foto: Espen Solli/ TV2

Episode 2: The seafood challenge / Sjømat på grillen

Denne gangen så skulle vi lage en skalldyrs tallerken. Her i Norge så har vi sjømat i verdens klasse! The seafood here in Norway is unbeatable! The quality and freshness can’t be found anywhere else. So you bet I was happy when we got to work with these kind of products. Det som er viktig når man skal tilberede sjømat er å ikke ha for mye krydder og not over cook! Selveste smaken av de råvarene er himmelsk!!! I could eat it all raw. ( he he he)  But this is a grilling competition, so the shrimp has to go on the barbie! 😉 We kept the delicate taste of these products and at the same time played with flavors which complement and enhance the taste of the sea. Blå skjellene var røkt i mesquite med en tomato og øl salsa. The scallops were lightly salted and peppered with a dash of thyme. Sjøkrepsene var børstet med en cayenne lime smør og pyntet med gressløk. With all of this, så lagde vi en frisk eksotisk mango og granateple ( pomegrante) salat. Let me just say……… YUMMMMM-OOOOOOO!!!!!!

Sylvia&Luis program 2 oppgave 1

Foto: Espen Solli/ TV2

Den andre runden så måte vi lage en hovedrett med kveite og lage en hollandaise. Kveite er another luksus råvare som jeg STERK anbefale alle å bruke. It has a beautiful taste that is not ” fishy” or overwhelming. The tricky part is fileting it. ( just check the youtube 😉 he he he). Hollandaise is already difficult to make at home and you can imagine how difficult it was to make over a grill where you can’t always control the temperature . But we did it! So you can too…..with practice ;). We served it with a humble sweet potato and carrot puree with a dash of tarragon ( estragon), dijon and white wine. Så hadde vi asparages ala min pappa ( my daddy) med hvitløk, salt og pepper. ( Dette lager han ofte og jeg bare digger det!)  JEG mener dette var en fulltreffer! This dish will defiantly impress and please your guests.

Sylvia&Luis program 2 oppgave 2

Foto: Espen Solli/TV2

Hope you guys are enjoying our recipes and continue to watch Norges Grillmester!

Følg med på mat programmer mitt på youtube og få med deg mange mouth watering recipes!!! Watch my cooking show on youtube for more awesome and easy cooking recipes and tips!




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