Happy New year! Godt Nytt År!!! I am back with more to share <3

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Hey guys!

Happy New Year! I have devoted the last two months to my family and thats why I have been MIA here. A lot has happened. As many of you know I have started to serve tacos at Mathallen once a month. I will try and keep this arrangement through out the year. Its been so nice seeing you all enjoy my food. I am very grateful for all the support from my dear friends, family, and fans. I can’t wait to see you guys again at the next event! Heres are some shots of the last two events I had.


Yummy tacos with homemade tortillas! Foto: Maru Sanchez


Extra homemade salsas too! Foto: Maru Sanchez


Her med Tante Gro Wavik som kommer for å spise og støtte oss! <3 Foto: Gro Wavik

The next event will be a BREAKFAST EDITION Sunday the 31st of January at Mathallen Oslo from kl11- kl 17. I will be serving breakfast tacos all day long. Perfect for those who have been out on town the night before ;).

I will also be having an event at Mathallen Oslo on Valentines day the 14 of February! AMOR AND TACOS EDITION <3

As always I will be serving corn tortillas made with Maseca GMO free, gluten free and handmade! Fresh food and my secret salsa recipes for everyone to enjoy!

Nos vemos amigos! See you guys there!



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