Dinning with Rosio Sanchez: Hija de Sanchez og Marcos Scorza

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I was so excited that one of the chefs I have been following for the past three years was coming to Oslo Norway.

I admire Chef Rosio Sanchez for her love of Mexican food. She is having her taco mission in Copenhagen. I was super stoked that she would be making food here so I was sure to be there to witness this great event with these two great chefs Rosio Sanchez and Marcos Scorza.

I had a fabulous gastronomical experience dinning with my good friend Alma. There were many flavors to take in and the mezcal was perfect for the meal!



Shrimp Ceviche with avocado mousse


King crab with spicy avocado, habanero chili and coriander

Wild Norwegian salmon with salsa verde, pickled cucumber and grated horseradish

Pan fried reindeer, spicy cheese saus, red onion, and chopped coriander

Chicken and mole


Fried cod skin chicacron


Churros con cajeta

Sopaipilla filled with chocolate lime and avocado mousse


photo: aquicomi


photo: aquicomi

Here are some pictures of my meal. My favorite taco was the carnitas and my favorite salsa was the sesame sauce.


photo: aquicomi


photo: aquicomi


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photo: aquicomi

I talked with the talented Chef Marcos Scorza and we discussed the menu and a possible collaboration in future projects.


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Of course the best part of the dinner was when Chef Rosio Sanchez came out to personally greet me. We chatted briefly about our taco ventures in our perspective countries. Both of us are mexican woman who grew up in the US and now are brining Mexican gastronomy to Scandinavia. We ended on a good note. Who Knows, there might be a collaboration in the future… 😉

Cant wait to visit her taquerias Hija de Sanchez in Copenhagen!


photo: aquicomi

A great night and beautiful experience I will never forget <3  Viva Mexcio <3

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