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Cøliaki? Gluten allergi? Not a problem in the mexican kitchen…..

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My son had a friend sleeping over the other night and the boy had a gluten allergy. I thought well, what to do about breakfast? No cereal? No bread? Ikke flat brød? Ikke pannekaker heller? Hmmmmmm……but wait! I know just the thing! Breakfast tacos with corn tortillas! In our home we eat breakfast tacos every […]

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Spilling the beans !!!!!

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The beans have finally been spilled….. TV 2 has just announced the new contestants for this years Norges Grillmester cooking show! Drum roll please….. ( Foto: Espen Solli/  TV2) You got it! I, Sylvia Vavik ( this mexican bean)  will be participating in the cook- off race for the title of Norway´s Grill Champion!!! Alongside […]

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